Parents need a helping hand


21 November 2006

Tony Blair and Home Secretary John Reid at a stakeholder meeting for parents, 21 November 2006, Cabinet RoomThere's nothing more challenging than being a mum or dad, Tony Blair said as he announced that a network of 77 experts will provide tips on how to be good parents.

The government has decided to offer a helping hand to those whose children are getting involved in anti-social behaviour.

Most people think that parents should be responsible for the behaviour of their children, but they also think they should get help when their kids are in trouble.

The PM, in an article for The Sun newspaper, explained:

"There are some families who can't cope with it. That's a fact. It doesn't much matter whether it's their 'fault' or not. The fact is when they don't cope, the children suffer and then we all suffer."

But he insisted that helping out with the parenting experts was not "nanny state" intervention.

All the evidence shows that good parenting helps reduce the chances of involvement in anti-social behaviour and crime, he said.

It's also really important in determining children's life chances, acting as a protection against poverty, social exclusion and poor performance at school.